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G.Diamataris company active in the automotive and spare parts from the 1985 with 2 stores in Limnos and Thessaloniki. Our experience and expertise in cars and our trucks put our stores into the most powerful businesses in Macedonia ang Aegean. Our purpose is to better serve you in the car rental with a modern fleet of vehicles that will serve all your memory needs.Ιn our stores there is a large volume trucks and agricultural equipment and a wide range of batteries and parts and tires .We wait for you in private facilities in Lemnos (Kornos) and Thessaloniki (Lagyna) to cover all your needs.

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Warranty Safety & Quality

Our vehicles are fully guaranteed, safe and frequent technical and mechanical control.

The range of vehicles includes new and used cars until five years.Every customer receives a vehicle with service and safety that meets the needs of each costumer .Our experience and expertise offer you guaranteed vehicles with the best results.There are for each customer wish the different vehicle models such as minibuses, 4x4 gasoline and oil as well as with an automatic gearbox.

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Address: Kornos and Mirina's Port, Lemnos
Phone number: 2254062022, 2394020176, 6979326416 , 6945037667, 6946377434